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Ff14 Retainer GearAgain, just pick whichever one you personally have leveled higher. Speak with one in order to hire and customize a retainer. Completing this quest will unlock Retainer …. Run Expert Dungeons – loot all gear, focus on speed clearing. Click the barber shop pole looking thing. 12 Character Sic Pirate World Hyperion Main Class Ninja Lv 60 Gearing up your retainer for ventures Took a year off from 14 and just learned about the ventures. The 18-hour expedition will provide you with the same amount of experience as 3 quick explorations. Secondary tools contain the word Garden since Patch 6. All craftable gear, meals, medicines and intermediate materials exist in HQ variants. Im not 100% sure but they should be fine if they're at least 430 (Job gear+accessories from Amaurot/Twinning/Academia Anyder). If you're Retainer is stationed in UD and you ask him/her to sell an item, it'll show as being sold in UD. As a result, I have a ton of green tier weapons and armor. Desynthesis is a system for Disciples of the Hand that allows you to break down items (e. There's around 110 to check out so far!. If your retainers are only bringing back 30 shards/crystals per 40 minute venture they need better gear. Under Armour is a well-known brand in the world of sports and fitness, offering high-quality gear and apparel designed to help athletes perform their best. Retainers are one of the best tools in FFXIV, and I always get asked how they work, and how they can be better utilized to increase PROFITS! 16:55 Gear 17:46 Types of Ventures 19:35 Timers 20:42 Retainer Boost Final Fantasy XIV – Hatching-tide 2023 – Eggy, Eggy, Stabby Fun! Helping New FF14 Players in Need (Asmongold) [FFXIV] …. Better gear (seems to) increase your odds of getting HQ gear (where appropriate - dungeon gear is dungeon gear, but you'll sometimes get HQ versions of crafted stuff). You can list 20 items per retainer and the gear set will eat that quickly. FaolDhubh Faol Dhubh on Adamantoise • 8 yr. Miners are responsible for the excavation and handling of Eorzea's mineral wealth, be it ores, fossils, precious stones, or otherwise. While it’s used in industry, it also can help make a garden layout look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. eventually you'll have certain retainers holding certain items and you can enjoy your space. The war with Dravania rages on, brutal and unrelenting. As your retainer's item level increases (ilvl), the quantity of the items they return will increase. If you have enmity, aka aggro, on anything (indicated by the enemy health bar changing color and battle music playing) you cannot change your gear. I've mined for a couple of hours in this area to finish off my <•Of the Golden Anvil•> title and BSM gold tool, and never saw any retainer here until now, nor did I ever saw one on other areas as well. These quest are really easy and here are where …. Your Retainer will earn Experience and an item according to their gear. For optimum leveling of a retainer you want to be able to send them out on the highest level hunting/mining/etc 1 hour mission they have unlocked, when you're actively on line, and the longer multi-hour one overnight. The Entrust Duplicates button will automatically search for items in your inventory that can be stacked with those already in your retainer's possession. These sets are almost all crafted and/or available from …. Quick ventures (where you just get a flat out random item for 2 venture coins) are always 1 hour. Obviously I have the most open room on retainer 4 that isn't used for mats. Warrior can't even equip the slaying gear for Stormblood. Players will be re-directed to the character creation screen when they next log-in to Final Fantasy XIV, where they can change any aspect of their character …. Official community site for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. Especially with SE receiving more money if people plop down for extras. get another lvl1 weapon for retainer? : r/ffxiv. A community for fans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, with an expanded free trial that includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning Heavensward and Stormblood expansions up to level 70 with no restrictions on playtime. L2 Skill Unlocked Straight Shot – ROTATION AFFECTED: There is a small chance after using Heavy Shot that Straight Shot becomes usable. What You Need to Know About Safety Gear when Shopping at an Electrician Store. Fill out entries in the Grand Company Hunting Log. If a player transfers to another Grand Company, their seals will not go with them, since each company has their own type. com/zeplahq🐦 twitter @xepla📺 Twitch. They do not sell for large amounts, but because of how cheap they are to buy, it is still a really good profit margin. It’s the primary source you need to sell your items and belongings to earn more Gil. For some reason, it's wonky when it comes to items, pairing weapons with helmets, body with gloves, but it's nice for crafting mats. Whereas with SimpleTweaks, it doesn't allow you to click items linked to gear sets, and there's also an option to show you the desynth level of the item and your own desynth level; so only those that give me skillup get desynthed, while the rest go to GC seals. - Yes at lvl 30 you can assign retainers a JOB, like Monk because those "Jobs. (I'm aware that this may have to do. I also searched in every place available and did not find. Jobs can even be added out of the blue, like when Blue Mage was added. You can however equip your retainers in Darklight, CT, Coil, or Noct Gear if you had extra lying around. If it's stuff you can buy/make/loot without much trouble, it's not worth keeping. Retainers are unlocked as part of the Main Scenario Quest. The Miner class can be leveled up quickly if you spend time mining and gathering materials on your own. 1 Retainer with Weapons, Jewelry and 1 Retainer with Materia + Items that I still need. After you get the "Your retainer's gear was sufficient to earn a greater reward!". It is the most wealthy of the city-states, its flag bearing scales as a symbol of their commercial significance in Eorzea. It would also be doubly grande if we could replace squadron members with our actual retainers. They get bonuses and stuff too. Gear for newly DOH/DOL, also, job for retainer : r/ffxiv. This new feature will show adult …. Level 80 gear crafted can be a huge benefit, though. They’re scattered all across Eorzea. Retainers are NPCs hired by the players at a Retainer Vocate. Best Items Obtainable From Retainer Ventures">Final Fantasy 14: 10 Best Items Obtainable From Retainer Ventures. Duration needed to gather the requested item decreases based on retainer's level. Retainer Preparation going into Endwalker : ffxiv. Specialty gear, such as seasonal or one-time-only quest rewards can mostly be stored in an Armoire at any inn. This gives like about 5 times the XP of the regular venture, but takes alot longer to complete. Respect one into a battle retainer, keep the other. They use dual daggers as weapons. For those of you that pay for the extra Retainer : r/ffxiv. For information regarding service accounts and other optional services, please proceed to the Mog Station. Retainers are the number one place to store items in Final Fantasy XIV. If my video brings you joy and mak. And when it comes to outdoor gear, few retailers can match the selection and quality of The North Face. Haurchefant Greystone is a character in Final Fantasy XIV. The UI in FFXIV can be adjusted in myriad ways to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. FFXIV retainer's guide : r/ffxiv. Ten because I have RPG syndrome and never throw anything away. the scrip gear is 10 itemlevels higher, of course with no melds it's superior, but with greenmelds (not overmelding) the left side is superior, and the right side breaks even. They provide extra storage space, act as personal bankers, and can even help players buy and sell items on the market board without actually being present in-game. Gathering requirements for these missions are generally quite low. I have every job to 50, I don't have to play that certain class while they are out. If you want the most venture efficient option go for the Explorations (18 hours). I have four retainers with gathering jobs, and I spent some time recently getting them levelled up to 51. Talk to the Retainer Vocate and select "Change a retainer's appearance and nickname" (this option only appears after you have used the Retainer Fantasia). Both my retainers are Archers, as I found it easier to make the gear for. Alexander items: turn them in for gear to keep or turn in as well. The Ishgard Restoration stuff is in there under Shadowbringers. It's fair to say this is a feature a lot of users really wanted for browsing the website and it has been the most upvoted suggestion on the feedback board since we opened it earlier in the year. Elezignis is currently in the Lawbreakers’ jacket, some variant of leather pants, and boots, and Miqnoctis is in full 2B gear. Also hands in Expert turn-ins at the Grand Company. Fixed Gear Bikes: Which One is Right for You?. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Ventures are used to pay for Retainer Ventures. Only the myth stuff, I think, was job only. r/ffxiv on Reddit: You can now search your/your retainer's …. 6) for Hermetic Tomestones, which can in turn be exchanged for weapons using 500 …. View Profile Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE“. You see, after they steal it, you discard it or sell to vendor, which the NEXT retainer buys or steals, giving it to their master. you need to be logged in to save as favorite. After you unlock retainers via the level 17 Main Scenario Quest The Scions of the Seventh Dawn, you can undertake the blue quest "An Ill-Conceived Venture" in Gridania, or Ul'dah, or Limsa Lominsa, by speaking to the Troubled Adventurer in the Aetheryte Plaza. Does wearing an HQ version of something help them at all? Thanks. Yeah, I'd just gear them up till you get the following message: "Your retainer's current gear should improve chances of finding rare items. Reason for inquiry: I pay for an additional 6 …. You can take any leveling appropriate item for say the head and throw a couple of gathering materia on them to boost gathering. Listing Items on the Market Board. There are other, smaller additions that are there to make your in-game life just a little better. If you don't care about fishing (there's not a lot you need it for, though it's great for aethersand right now), you can cut that to 9600 white scrip worth of tokens. Main article: Retainer Ventures. The new process to glamour squadron members seems a lot cleaner and simpler. If you’re talking about the 18-hour explorations, my gatherers who are wearing 560 gear do fine. Exploration Ventures are the ones that have specific minions and that can also be a consideration. Keep in mind, that you cant switch from one job to another (say DRK to RDM) the retainer needs to be in a class (thurmaturge,conjurer, gladiator etc) for it to work. What happens to your retainers' stuff if you stop subscribing?. We will assume you have no prior knowledge of the crafting system and macros will be provided to do the majority of the heavy lifting for you. Last Update:November 27, 2021 10:38 AM By: Jessica Thomas If you are going to play Final Fantasy XIV, then you're going to want to have Retainers. All Disciples of War, Magic, the Hand, and the Land receive EXP for a wide variety of activities. 2) There is no level 3 quest related to fisher. There are currently a total of 21,600 apartments per server. Let’s compare a gatherer with 0% HQ chance versus 15% HQ chance: 100+ [ (2*100)*0. Fastest way to level up a retainer ? : r/ffxiv. In Retainer Ventures, your retainer can perform Quick Exploration after reaching level 10. Electricity is a powerful force that needs to be handled with care. 530 is still the highest you can get right now, they'll probably update the loot table when the L90 exploration ventures come out. The Retainer Services option will allow you to hire up to seven additional Retainers for $2. php?title=Miner_Node_Locations&oldid=622100". Consumers can get free Monster Energy gear directly through Monster Energy simply by redeeming the tabs from the Monster cans. My retainer's glove slot is Empty, when i try to equip it to my retainer, it says its unable to equip because i "already possess one of that unique item" What unique item is it talking about?! the slot is EMPTY. If I remove their weapon/tool, won't that reset their. Grade 3 Thanalan soil is a good bet for your miner. They tend to all be equipped at approximately the same level or share an iLevel, by the same class or job. Make Au'Ra "Serious" is entirely quotes from Sideshow Bob, and "Lively" is taken from the Gilbert and Sullivan play "H. When it comes to shopping for Columbia clothing outdoor gear, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you’re among them, you may be wondering whether customized golf gear is worth the investment. The Red Onion Helm can still drop from Quick Explorations as of June 27th, 2023. Slaying are accessories only, there is no left side slaying gear. Retainer Gear Retainers can be equipped with gear befitting their assigned class and level, which will in turn affect items procured on their venture. Turn in gear that's over 1k to the Domans if you have Doman Reconstruction complete--they give you 200% gil for your crap. An upgraded Y’shtola minion with this mod. It’s important to know what kind of Columbia clothing you need bef. Arm> [select class]'s Arm>41-50>look for item level 70 and "Flame Elite" in the name. Often missed, the Final Fantasy XIV Retainer is extremely useful for all players and are essential to making money, getting minions, and acquiring items. To complete Wiscard’s quest players must do the following: Deliver the leather bag to Rowena. They are woefully undergeared, so I have resolved to make them new …. 4, only retainer level really matters anymore. A Retainer has many skills necessary to expanding your wealth. On the Landsaint ones it's i250 I thought maybe it was ilevel difference, but even when I threw a bunch of other gear and rings and stuff on but the yield for High Durium sand on the non-landsaint retainers is 15/hour. All the DoW/DoM classes are the same, it only differs in terms of what gear …. The biggest thing is having the extra market board slots. Trade in the gear you acquired from Expert Dungeons. This is with the Highland etc explorations. At the retainer summoning beacon, select the retainer you want to equip, then click view attributes and gear. Botanist 1-90 Leveling Guide (Updated for 6. Once equipment reaches 100% spiritbond, a …. Go to your Grand Company Quartermaster. Note that this is NOT the Chocobo Racing 's Raising or Breeding. Not only does it show your loyalty, but it also allows you to proudly represent your team. The downside is the equipment would be destroyed in the process. You can make a set using pieces in the dresser, take retainer er gear and put them on, then apply the set to that gear and put them back on the retainer. Turn in crafted militia stuff for seals. He is a noble of House Fortemps of Ishgard, and presides over Camp Dragonhead in the Coerthas Central Highlands. An item with higher IL will nearly always be better than an item with lower IL. They can be purchased from Grand Company Quartermasters for 200 Company Seals each, as well as with other currencies. Though they don't benefit from GP melds, near as I can tell. I make roughly, very roughly, 10-15M per week on the QE's alone, so you will earn it back relatively quickly. Highest you can get is augmented shire equipment or similar. This will allow you to accept and complete the quest "An Ill-conceived Venture" from the city you started in. Super, always looking forward to the adventures of mini Eggroller 😊. Seeking advice on best way to pentameld crafting gear! [First things first, my iPad autocorrected pentameld to pentacles, haha!] I bought my Indagator set for crafting! And, of course, I am going for that high-end crafting experience. The foremost workers of wood, carpenters possess expert knowledge of the hardness, pliability, weight, and value of all types of timber. Any way to mark gear to prevent selling or discarding?. To keep ilvl requirements for the 18hr ones you can gear them at level 15, 30, 50. This retainer class can then farm all materials that you have farmed previously, in addition to finding some rare materials. As we revealed in January in the " Regarding the Expansion of FFXIV's Operations " announcement, we are planning a large-scale two-phase expansion of the North American Data Center. Goldsmith — Aiming Earrings, bracelets, …. The Ul'Dahn says he left his chocobo for five minutes to do a fate, turned around and his chocobo was gone. FFXIV Ventures Guide 2023. It walked up on me from behind and. Retaining walls are an important part of any landscape design. how the hell do you get your retainer to lvl 50, mine keeps saying "your retainer has reached max lvl" its only lvl 12 >. Completing any one of these objectives will earn you rewards such as gil and experience. Also most of the time it's the ALC that uses the fish for the new equipment. The consolidated (last retainer empty) helps for clearing up your own personal inventory for ferrying stuff around. Battle retainers need to beat iLvl 400 for Level 80 Ventures, 425 to not get the “better gear” message. A Fantasia is a potion item that, after consumption, grants the player a single opportunity to change the appearance of their character beyond what is available at the Aesthetician. This will cost an additional fee to purchase the housing construction permit, which is 450,000 gil for cottages, 1 million gil for houses, and 3 million gil for mansions. Select the fish you would like to. T FF14 Retainer Guide: How It Works, Best Retainer Classes, and VenturesThere has been an influx of new players in the recent months since Final Fantasy's latest expansion Shadowbringers has launched. How to Obtain the Best Equipment in FFXIV: Shadowbringers. You want to maximize item level for combat classes and gathering/perception for gathering classes. For example, a level 10 retainer can bring back. What do I do with Moonward gear from my retainers? : r/ffxiv. When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, having the right equipment is essential. Bait is consumed every time you cast, if a fish is caught. To see all equipment available to samurai for glamour …. Want to see how much your inventory is worth?. This lets them keep the same gear through to the next expansion’s ultimate BiS gear set. Thank you! DoL retainers need 3420 Perception for the current max yield. The retainer covers botany items for you, which you can use in your crafts. Category:Outdoor Furnishing. But if you want to catch the biggest and best fish, you’ll need some serious gear from Sportsman’s Warehouse. If my retainers had the soul stone slot, I would equip them with it. After getting your chocobo at level 20, you'll gain access to chocobo saddlebag too, which also. Going to remove some more materia. If you can remember to do them on a regular cadence, you’ll get lots of weird stuff. An idler gear is used to spin a driven gear inside a mechanism. Together with Gosetsu and Yugiri, he spurred his countrymen to rise up against their Garlean oppressors. Randomly missing gear? : r/ffxiv. I used conjurer as the initial base class, but adjustments can be made with gear upgrades for jobs of your choice. 4 the retainer's level determines the rewards available from quick exploration. The North Face is one of the most popular outdoor clothing and gear brands. Mining/botanist lvl 50 gear? For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Mining/botanist lvl 50 gear?". Yes, but they can't be a job class. It might sound crazy, but I ended up giving my miner & botanist the i70 tool so they could reach 383 without too much (if any) melding. We will assume you have no prior knowledge of the gathering system, although it is admittedly quite simple when leveling up is your main focus. The whole goal was to have access to some extra retainers. Grade 2 Dark Matter or Grade 7 Dark Matter. Retainer Page Now Available on the Lodestone! Your retainers are now just a few clicks away with this newest addition to the Lodestone. The FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store offers a wide selection of items to enhance your adventures in Eorzea! Barring certain exceptions, optional items cannot be sold or traded to other players. Currently with two retainers with ilvls between 360 and 370, I consistently get gear between ilvl 110 and 130. 2 Patch Notes (emphasis added): Retainers can be equipped with gear befitting their assigned class and level, which will in turn affect items procured on their venture. Have you ever been on a hike and come across someone wearing the most perfect North Face gear and thought to yourself, “I wish I knew how to shop for the North Face like that person”? Well, now you’re in luck. ) You don't have to carry it around everywhere with you though. Final Fantasy XIV: How to Change A Retainer's Job. " Miriet Hurep ( Durandal) posted a new blog entry, "無人島ド …. I just got my retainers to level 80, I'm testing to see what stats requirements are to get 30 items per venture. If all you're concerned about is leveling them as quickly as possible you should just send them on 18 hour exploration missions every 18 hours. Purchase Ventures in the Materiel tab (200 seals each). Sahagin Vendor - Novv's Nursery (Western La Noscea) - 25,000 Gil (Rank 8). Pactmaker's Creasing Knife in Gear Set; Pactmaker's Needle in Gear Set; Pactmaker's Alembic in Gear Set; Pactmaker's Arkasodara Frypan in Gear Set; Pactmaker's Claw Hammer in Gear Set; Pactmaker's File in Gear Set; Pactmaker's Pliers in Gear Set; Pactmaker's Grinding Wheel in Gear Set; Pactmaker's Awl in Gear Set; Pactmaker's …. In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent has become a priority for businesses of all sizes. Within each section though, I'd like it sorted by weapon (by ilvl), head piece (by ilvl), chest (ilvl), etc. Shade's Guide to retainers in FFXIV. 1) Your retainers level is capped at your own level in that job/class. I would not advise doing collectables at this stage. This expac was fairly easy so you didn't need to actually need to pentameld. Battle retainers can use lv80 af gear. Allied Seals are a currency available in FF14 that is related to the Hunts and Blue Mage. Retainer iLvl/Stats for Quick Ventures at 80? : r/ffxiv. com/1F5TC03:52 - Minimum effort melds for Miner: https://ffxiv. Get white scrip tools for them and they'll probably be set; those are cheap at only 250 scrips each. I totally skimmed over this in the patch notes, but this is honestly one of the coolest QoL improvements for crafters. Gathering classes appear to get more valuable loot than battle classes from 18 hour ventures (reviewed items on the wiki and Universalis). Better gear makes so what they retrieve is of higher quality/greater amounts. Leveling gear rarely sells due to poetics gear and due to retainer limit. its worth trying to gear your DoL retainers in the best gear, melded for Gathering. We've added a new option to your Content Blocking settings which enables adult content but blurs out the tiles and images by default. As her dragoons lay down their lives in defense of their home, Ishgard turns to technology to protect her sons and daughters. The first glamour on this list comes from the well-known FFXIV glamour website, Eorzea Collection. Feature Quests are quests that unlock new features in the game that are not immediately available to the player. Retainers equipped with more powerful gear will receive items in greater. Buy the same item equip to the other retainer. As for the race thing, supposedly Miqote are actually the default model when it comes to SE designing gear. Skybuilders' Scrips in the Firmament - Craftsman's set and Skyworker's set. Class Quests – These quests cover the story up to level 30 for each combat class, and to level 70 for the crafting and gathering classes. Gear actually does increase your chance on getting rare items. 0 and the release of Endwalker to distinguish them from War Scythes used by Reaper. Quick ventures got changed in 5. You can have up to two retainers for free. Accept and complete Grand Company Leves. With preparation, you will bypass the majority of. Hiking is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors, but it’s important to have the right gear. It increases the chance of getting HQ items. 38 is recommended if you are shooting for the 2. You can buy them from your grand company in bundles of 5. 35, your retainer needs 2327 gathering and 4230 perception to get the maximum yield from all ventures. The last Retainer is empty right now. We can assign our retainers classes and give them gear. In addition to purchasing and selling items at vendors, players can use the market board to trade as they please. The upgraded Dalmascan Top by Bibo Plus. I recently upgraded to having additional retainers total for the purpose of increasing my passive gill income. Here are some tips for retaining employees. This is due to the fact that retainers can make the players' jobs in FFXIV …. I get HQ green almost 100% of the time. The Active help simply says to use the "Proper gear". Veteran Rewards are special in-game item bonuses awarded based on how long you have had an active subscription. The minimum craftsmanship requirements to even try crafting it are 3700. This button takes me to a page which allows management of the retainer service, however there are two problems on that page: (1) It is not clear which retainers will be removed if the number of additional retainers is reduced: By list order or by "Hiring Order". Upon using this item, the designated job will be instantly leveled to 80. With both in your inventory, you can use a glamour prism to turn the chest piece of your choice into that dress. The Dalamud most people are talking about right now is a piece of framework software that is used with a custom Final Fantasy XIV launcher to allow custom plugins. in case you're paranoid about a data/server screw up that may empty your gil count. The "spiritbinding level" of a dungeon can be determined by the iLevel of the gear that drops. However, bound items can still be exchanged and used by both players and their retainers. If they already have a job, you will need to reset them and level them to 50 using a class. New main story quests, Eden Promise raid, Emerald Weapon, and also a lot of new gears and. Gathering retainers only need the gathering skill. Each retainer can bring back items of their class. Final Fantasy XIV – Gatherer Retainer Gear Guide Patch 6. FF14 How To Hide Headgear. It allows the player to transform the appearance of their gear into that of other gear. Learn how to play Red Mage, a magical ranged DPS job in Final Fantasy XIV that casts spells to generate mana that they channel into their rapier to unleash powerful melee combos with strong finisher spells. These helpful companions are essential to making money, getting minions, and acquiring items. Up to 175 types of items can be stored with your Retainer, leaving you a lot of space to acquire new gear. Once you hit level 90, you will need to start looking into gearing your classes so you can gather from endgame legendary nodes. Using dyes on your gear in FFXIV. This is a penta-melded set designed to carry you from level 80 to 90 when the time comes. Using a macro, it is possible to sort your armory, inventory and retainer inventories. I know Botany can get you some nice stuff from the higher tiers but don't know what, just what i've heard since I don't do crafting/gathering. Then crafter/gatherer gear, after that some 2-4 free plates for experimenting and at the end I keep 3 everyday glams - casual, pajamas & beach wear. The material has a number from 1 to 8 in its item name, i. High Quality or just HQ items are highlighted with a golden shine on the icon and with a symbol in text. The Retainer's level determines …. Your FINAL FANTASY XIV subscription allows you to hire up to two retainers per. Before getting started with Endwalker, players can complete quests and gather different currencies to buy the best equipment for the new …. Tales of Adventure: One Retainer's Journey III. I used this outfit on my retainers for a long time before moving them on to their own custom glamour sets. We can get close but not exactly the same. Known for their high-quality gear and apparel, L. I would like to entreat you all for some help!. It is also worth noting that you can also purchase a special upgrade from the Mog Station store called “Tales of Adventure: One Retainers Journey II” which will automatically level your retainers to level 70. most DPS classes use the same gear, and all mages share the mage gear. To assign reaper and sage jobs to retainers, the following requirements must be met: Retainers cannot be already assigned a job, or must be reset if they are. You have to force update by removing a gear (not weapon) then update it again. The Aetheryte is disabled upon first reaching the area and cannot be attuned to until completion of the level 85 MSQ Under His Wing. XIVCombo is a plugin that simplifies rotations. Retainer Ventures and equipped gear. But when the rebellion was crushed, Lord Hien vanished without a trace Hien Rijin is a character from Final Fantasy XIV introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: …. 1 - Call the removed retainer from a Summing Bell. 3 is coming on January 10, 2023, continuing key storylines and adding a great deal of new raids, dungeons, and more. They're supposed to be a way to sell things, and our retainers are who sell things. And as /u/marwanp24 said, the higher item level you are, the more your reward pool expands, limiting your. FFXIV – Optimal Retainer Leveling. In a nutshell, retainers are assistants you hire to help you manage your resources. You can only give them a class that you yourself have. This guide aims to be as simple as possible, what to gather at. The current market price for that item will be displayed at the bottom of the. The "Entrust Duplicates" function has been added. I've got six (6) retainers, and to keep things simple/manageable two each are the DoW classes I play (BRD and DRG) and two are DoH. Upon completing either of these quests players will receive the following: 12 Glamour Prisms. For newcomers to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, this edition includes three award-winning titles - FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn the base game, and the first and second expansions: FINAL FANTASY XIV: Select Options Add to Wish List. 1: we get new left hand side gear (armor), also possibly new weapons. 00:00 - Intro02:50 - Retainer Classes to go with04:20 - Fisher Retainer any good?05:35 - Does it matter which jobs are the battle jobs?07:00 - Do you need a. Originally, the first phase scheduled to take place in August 2022 had been postponed due to delays in the delivery of the necessary equipment. 5 #ffxiv #ff14 #ffxivendwalker 22 hours ago; Bitesize Tank Mit #ffxiv …. Retainers unlock through MSQ early ingame. View the progress of your retainer's ventures, take stock of their inventory, or even check their sales and sales history. 5) for 35−60 Sack of Nuts Formerly bought with Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism. With so many different pieces of hiking gear available at Sportsman’s Warehouse, it can be hard to know what to choose. You can make the gear with script gear. BiS gathering meld for retainers. Sell your items, or stored items, on the Market. If a player has 3 hours to play FFXIV a day it will take 2-3 months to level up your Retainer to the maximum, but this is where you can somewhat hyper-optimize how you deal with your retainers. Gathering Melding and BIS (Best-in-Slot) Meldsets For Endwalker 6. The retainer it's connected to is able to wear it (lvl 90 FSH), but the game just will NOT let me put it on the mannequin. When you’re planning your next camping trip, it’s important to take into account all of your gear, from the shelter you’ll be using to the food you’ll be cooking. The Landsaint retainers have 2404 gathering and 1928 perception. Retainers assist you in better managing the resources you have in-game. While leveling, you find new gear often. Summoner food, pots, gear - current for Patch 6. You'd get a message along the lines of "With better gear, your retainer can get even rarer items. Anyway— quick ventures are great. By assigning your retainer a job, they will be able to equip job specific gear. Though you can get crafted Leatherworker stuff at 51, it's usually major expensive. Macintosh PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X. You can also start using craftable gear (hat/gloves from Weaver, chest, pants, boots from Leatherworker). Item level and perception are irrelevant. retainer's gear? : r/ffxiv. HQ Crafted will be a significant improvement at 52. Select the item you wish to list for sale from your character, retainer, or chocobo's inventory and tap Create Listing. Ul'dah is a city-state in Final Fantasy XIV located in the deserts of southern Aldenard. Increase your retainer's Gathering by upgrading tools and gear. Getting ready to head out on your first camping trip — or even your twentieth? You’ll never feel lost in the wilderness after you check out our complete guide to outdoor camping gear at Sportsman’s Warehouse. The Botanists is one of the best gathering retainer classes in FFXIV because of its’s excellent features. In Final Fantasy XIV that is called Binding. Well I've just tried to use the Fantasia item, and it's telling me to remove my retainers gear. Before a battle class can equip their gear, and before any crafter can make it, one of Final Fantasy XIV‘s three gathering classes must collect a recipe’s materials. Aside from that pots and mastery food see little use. They can store items and gil for players and sell items on the Market. That's me! My reasoning for it is because when I hide my helmet the old fashioned way and then switch gear sets to another job and switch back to WAR/PLD at a later time, the hide helmet option gets reset. Or else you will have to hold on to the cosmetic piece to have it applied on another gear. " These seem to have been the case for an earlier patch, so I was wondering if someone kindly took the time to find approximate new best stat thresholds for current patch. A pavis shield of iron used by the Amalj'aa to fortify their strongholds. Various items (shown as Increased Spiritbond Gain) will increase the rate at which spiritbond is gained. Hidden categories: Conjurer Set; Conjurer Set/iLevel 100-199; Plague Doctor's Coat in Gear Set; Plague Doctor's Mask in Gear Set; Plague Doctor's Earrings in Gear Set. While both methods allows you to apply some changes, one is definitly more complete than the other so let's get into it ! The Aesthetician. Warrior is a tank job in Final Fantasy XIV and use a combination of healing and mitigation to weather the attacks of their enemies, while responding with crushing strength using their large axes. After purchasing the plot, players must also construct the house itself. The level 60ish ones provide over 100 gathering. Bikinis, tights and hempen tops dyed salmon pink, Colosseum gear. Maybe it’s a Troian Aiming top, or a piece of Ruby plating, or one chunk of iron ore. 15] (HQ percent chance) = 30% Average EXP Bonus. Go back to step 3 on the next retainer/collection. Hunting Logs: Unlocked on completion of level 1 class quest. For my Battle ALT I did Item Level 545 Crafted Weapon and the rest Item Level 580 Crafted Gear and it went to 574 which is great saving some mats not having. They can gather various flowers, logs, seeds, and various natural resources. " Final stats: Combat: ilvl 295+; Gathering: 940+. Level 1) field exploration I-V no ilvl. Each apartment building also contains a lobby where players can speak with a receptionist, as well as mender and Material Supplier NPCs. The specific outfit that retainers wear is unique to them (the colors at least) but you can glam the Patrician's crafted gear as it is the same model. I've obtained all the minions from retainer ventures and my retainers' iLvl is 553 for battle, 2935 gathering and 2935 perception for BTN/MIN and 2354/1918 for FSH. Using the glamour dresser with retainers and squadrons is one of the things they intend to add in the future, along side stuff like tying plates to gear sets, using plates outside cities, and crafting/buying a glam dresser for your house/apartment. Any downside to assigning a Job to a Retainer?. Once the companion app is released then you will also be able to pay for subscription to it that allows you to pay for 1 more retainer subscription on the mogstation for a total of 10. The other day she brought me Allagan Leather, which sold for 250k gil, which was pretty awesome. I may try to experiment with my retainer's gear to see what happens. Two popular options are gear cycles and fixed gear bikes. And in some cases, these additions are far more important. [Guide] [Retainers] Gear & exploration rewards! Hey there o/ A short post to remind you that you can get more of your retainer trips with good gear! I'm speaking …. The Beginner Guide to Sportsman’s Warehouse Fishing Gear. 9) 2 AM/PM Eorzean Time, Perception 3600 required. Retainers can now be assigned reaper and sage jobs. For DoL you need at least ilvl 80+ what by far isnt the best ilvl you can give your retainer! Many ppl posted that they got dys with ilvl 80+ but not with best in slot items on retainer. You'll need to poke around the vendors in Limsa Lominsa for Weathered Daggers. Field Exploration XXVI (Retainer Level 81) Field Exploration XXVIII (Retainer Level 90) Acquired from 1-hour Hunting Exploration Venture. Retainer vocate in city-states can assign you your retainers. * Right-click on the item and select Repair, you will see a similar list and menu from mender NPC, this time you need to spend dark matter instead of FFXIV Gil. Leveling Retainers Instantly via Mog Station. If the same process were implemented to glamour our retainers, it would be grande. With just a few pieces of basic fishing gear, you can catch some amazing fish. The app can hit up to three in-game macros, accept collectable crafts (if enabled), reset food and/or syrup (if enabled), and will automatically start the next craft. A short post to remind you that you can get more of your retainer trips with good gear! I'm speaking here about the ventures costing 1 Venture ranging from 40min to 1h on specific mats. That being said, it's not very difficult using this method to gear up a retainer quickly for ventures if you have an original HQ set made). I absolutely hate having to gear retainers juat so they can actually do anything beyond quick exploration. Once they are 90 in 560+ gear you will already be getting pretty good stuff, and the changes beyond that are small. In this segment we run down how each skill and trait affects your Archer’s rotation during the leveling process. The final type of Venture is Quick Exploration, for Retainers that have reached at least level 10. I wrote a 200-page "book" on almost all things fishing in ffxiv - A Fisher's Guide to Eorzea. Just an update here, I equipped my own gear piece by piece and checked, the ilvl you need for max yield is 573. With each range from 30k-70k Gil per map. With the increasing demand for workers in various industries, companies need to adopt effective strategies to attract and ret. does anyone know about the retainer gear situation now? Is it a "you get the bonus or not" type thing or does better gear further increase your bonus chance?. Eorzean myth tells of a curious wanderer known as Namingway, descended from an unknown people that traveled to the realm from the moon. Are you looking for easy ways to farm Gils in Final Fantasy 14? I got you! Here are my favourite (and lazy) ways to make Gil in FFXIV!Subscribe for more Fina. Kissing your wife goodbye you left for work that morning as a male Highlander, only to return home that night a female Roegadyn. At 54, you can purchase a belt from Moghome. Progressing this questline unlocks the first 24-man raid of Endwalker, Aglaia. Retainers can be DOL, DOM, and DOW classes but can not become jobs of the DOM/DOW line, the max level of each retainers class is dependant on your own level in that same class/job as each retainer can not surpass their master, I am not sure about heavensward jobs if retainers can be those but if you got 4 I recommend …. Retaining walls are a great way to add value and beauty to your property. I roll with CNJ and MIN because I have those classes a 50 and can gear them no problem. For gathering retainer: Does it help to meld Gathering/Perception to their gear? Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn PC. Then players can send them out for expeditions ( Retainer Ventures) for items and experience. Hrothgladio wears the Endless Summer shirt and Leonhart pants. From the Patch notes: Items will be procured in increased quantities by increasing either average item level for Disciples of War and Magic, or gathering rating for Disciples of the Land. It's based on gear level, theoretically the higher the item level of the gear you equipped them with, the greater the chance the retainer will bring back better items (the game even states this upon completing a venture, that 'better gear will yield better items' (paraphrased). There are weapons vendors in the city states that sell the level 1 weapons for the class that start in that city. It’s only happen twice, but my retainer in full ilvl 80 gear, LH and RH, brought back enchanted lumber and some other rare items. Retainers are helpful NPCs who can be hired by players to carry out such tasks as storing excess gil and gear, or selling unwanted items on the markets. In this article, we’ll discuss some popular options and help you. Skilled play revolves around shifting potency into buffs provided. A side note if you want to farm up extra Allagan for your retainers. Level 50★ Mining in Coerthas Central Highlands, Camp Dragonhead (X:27. At 60, you can easily find IV materia (up to 12/day with beast tribes quests), so anything III or lower would not be used to meld 220+ gear. The next big update to Final Fantasy XIV is coming soon! Patch 6. Using glamour plates from glamour dresser in the inn sort of converts normal gear into cosmetics and the plates can be reused unlimited times without spending prisms, and also frees up your inventory space. View Profile View Forum Posts Player Join Date Sep 2013 Location Gridania. Grants you a single opportunity to edit your retainer's appearance when speaking to a retainer vocate. A member of my guild with a retainer in the high teens brought back the crafting component for the Leviathan fountain. The "Try On Retainer" subcommand has been added to items. Item level cap for Quick Venture is 290 currently, no amount of gear above that will get you better rewards. We will keep this page up to date with the latest …. In terms of the melds required to achieve 3420 Perception, you don't need any Grade 9 / 10 materia at all. Then yeah, MB or (once you hit 60) scrip accessories are going to be your friend for a while. My retainers bring all kinds of things - minions, housing items, gear (most of that I can't/won't use so it gets sold/desynthed/turned in for seals), crating materials, etc. I can kind of confirm the latter, because my miner retainer has brought back 30 HQ effervescent waters one time. Quick Explorations always have the chance to get the max minion from the 18 hour Ventures as long as your retainer is above the Stat or ilvl requirement to unlock the highest item pool. So I'm trying to display an AR-Caean velvet gathering jacket on a mannequin. 1! In FFXIV, each player can have Retainers, which not only act as your interface for selling items on the Market Board, but can also be leveled by sending them out on ventures to acquire materials and items. The situation with fishing retainers is just another part of that. To assign reaper and sage jobs to retainers, the following requirements must be met: Retainers … Continue …. Yes, this is normal for "unique" gear that NPCs can wear. Everything You Need To Know About Retainers In FFXIV. For example, you could set up your retainer with a stash of money and a "buy" order, so. EDIT: thank you all for helping me and being so kind about it. Retainers equipped with more powerful gear will receive items in greater quantities, with a greater chance of obtaining high-quality items. For crafters / gatherers, I know that materias are harder. retainer gear is just whatever gear you're not using for your own crafter/gatherer so they can fetch better stuff. tv/zeplahq🗣 Official Discord server: https://discord. Players wishing to unlock these classes may do so after …. Born in an unmarked alley in an unnamed town, this poor creature had to hunt the mean streets just to stay aliveuntil learning that following retainers and feeding off the slaughter left in their wakes was a safer, easier way to a full belly. Jump to navigation Jump to search. It won’t help on bringing back coffers, but will help. You will also need the secondary tools. If you can wait a few weeks, the crafted combat gear is coming. This is my version of a guide to retainers for Final Fantasy XIV players of any level. Hi All! My retainers finally got 90 and I can't seem to find any guide on current retainer …. They can be used to create a terraced effect, to help prevent soil erosion, and to add visual interest to a garden or yard. Now, to unlock retainers, you must complete the main story quest, "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn. And it spawns 6 times per in game day (3 botanist, 3 miner) Crystal farming you just go to a node group that provides your target crystal and then use TGL and TB on the +1 and +2 nodes. 00 every 30 days of your current ongoing subscription. All job quests and role quests up to level 80 will be completed. 4) This guide will show you how to quickly level all of your crafter classes in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Optimal Retainer stats : r/ffxiv. 100 ventures actually isn't all that much if you are leveling 2 or more retainers. Its just character creation nothing to hard. Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and any newly. 4 Gearsets (Week 1 Prog Sets) Both sets below are similar damage with fast/slow GCD options depending on GCD preference. Up until now, adding glamour to your retainer’s gear required you to have it in your inventory, using a glamour prism on the item there and then transferring it to retainer. If you are using an Ad Blocker on your browser and if you like my content, whitelisting my videos can help support the channel! Thanks!Or if you can support. Dynamis Crystals are a high-end level 90 crafting item in Final Fantasy XIV, and can be found in the final Endwalker zone of Ultima Thule. Samurai equipment is primarily composed of striking gear. For example, Grade 1 Dark Matter is used to repair Level 1-10 gear, while Grade 8 Dark Matter is used to repair any Level 1-90 gear in the game. 3 - i490 Aesthete's Crafting Gear Set + Ariyala Template. Basically the higher the level of the mat, the more perception you need to reach the max yield of 50. Missing as in, they have just vanished. Enmity is just that the thing you're attacking wants to smack you. The Botanist class would allow players to farm useful materials faster and effortlessly. Your retainer is probably wearing gloves you already have in your armory (the Acolyte's). com/zeplahqHUGE Thanks to my Patreon. Please allow us to use Glamour Plates on our Retainers. BUT its quite enough for max returns. The crafting of non-star HQ items is kind of a joke at this point. A beautiful glamour and screenshot from Tsuki’ko Kawashiro. Quick Exploration ventures with your retainer gear above the threshold for better items has the most potential for profit. Houses start from 16-20 million gil. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE” Wintergrüße-Wettbewerb; Der 40. Retainer Ventures allow the players to assign task to their retainers. Open the ‘Character’ menu and select ‘Character’ or press [C] if you haven’t changed the default button, Bellow your character display you will see 3 small icons on the left, and 3 on the right, The second button from the left is the icon to hide your headgear! Now, you can hide those fugly headgears! But if this isn’t your choice. To get Company Seals, you can: Complete FATEs out in the open world. They have a maximum storage capacity of 175 items, and can be assigned to sell items in the market. Free Company buffs are just another advantage to joining a FC in FF14. This Au Ra name generator will give you 10 names that fit the Au Ra race of the Final Fantasy universe. This total will also scale depending on how many retainers you hire, 2 - $24. How to earn FFXIV Gil fast and make more money. The Goblet Access: Unlocked on completion of Where the Heart Is (The Goblet) Quest. Lastly it is a jaded, weighted RNG system, that is weighted towards bokos and alphas. For more video clips about Final Fantasy XIV, go to https://ww -- ToC --00:00:00 Dress up00:02:14 Dress up the Retainer 2#FFXIV #FinalFantasyXIV #PanyapiN. " resources and higher level gear pieces. Since your own fisher is at level 71, not 73 as you claim (at least according to the lodestone), that makes sense - you need to level up your fisher, after that your retainer can advance. more specificaly, im looking to see if anyone can hunt for apkallu eggs yet, as i would love to make my retainer hunt them for me. EDIT: You actually dont even need to craft\buy the raptorskin rings, either, you already have enough gathering without having them made to meld 2 extra Guerdon I's. TL;DR - his master is physically, possibly. These quests are available every few levels and it is recommended to complete them as soon as they become available. Perched atop a massive pillar of rock, its ornate buildings boast vibrant hues rivaled only by those of its locally produced textiles. Is there a BiS melding for gathering retainers? I know Gathering increases quantity of items obtained and reduces time taken to obtain them and perception increases chance of obtaining HQ items but what is the best gathering/perception rating for them as of right now? Just pure gathering. Sometimes I feel like I might have all of it because whenever loot gets rolled the game says I can't roll for it. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE” Der 39. They're supposedly a distant offspring of dragons, but this is disputed. Then buy one thing (usually the shirt cause it have gathering - which is only stats required for your retainer). A Botanist is a gatherer job that communicates with nature. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Gear Guide for 6. 2 we got the ability to use our retainers for Retainer Ventures. Now that we're getting close to EW I'm at the point …. Go to the person you hire retainers from and buy a vocation book for 40 ventures. Below are my melds on my retainer:. They were introduced in the first expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, and several Au Ra non-player characters play a major role in the second expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. They have the same selection of items no matter what job they are assigned. Botanist and miner retainers are both very useful. FFXIV: How to Get Dynamis Crystals (& What They’re …. Mist Access: Unlocked on completion of Where the Heart Is (Mist) Quest. I just funnel those back thru for ventures. To fully master the advanced techniques developed by the great mining nation of Ul'dah, they undertake a wide range of tasks, from the meticulous prospecting of the most minute deposits to large …. The more swap space you can clear up in step 1 the faster it will go. There are several different products available when using the collected tabs. There's really only 4 types of retainer clases: fisher, miner, botanist, and hunter. Higher level ventures will have higher Gathering requirements. 💯Connect with me!Discord: https://discord. You can give old gear to them too. In order to unlock Desynthesis, you must reach Level 30 with any Disciple of the Hand class. They also cannot attain a level higher than your level in that particular job. This doesn’t typically work the best when players are on a Combat oriented server, however, it can yield enormous profits on roleplaying servers. For more recent items, the ilvl of HQ gear is the same as the NQ version. Desynth some to raise my level, and seal-convert some to refund back the seal I spend on quick ventures. In A Realm Reborn, players are authorized to hire a retainer upon joining the Scions of the Seventh Dawn during the main scenario. Keep in mind that you can only desynthesize items where you meet this. Sell the latest gear, food and potions; all with your name on it. though it does require leveling up your retainer, …. A Gear Set is a set of numerous pieces of themed armor that shares a few things in common. Movement speed is reduced by 50% for the duration of this effect. Wait until you reach above level 60 and gearing becomes easier. Each DoL, and the DoM/W always have their own unique minions to be found thru 18-Hour Venture or Max Item Pool Quick Explorations. L1 Skill Unlocked Heavy Shot – ROTATION AFFECTED: This is your “basic attack”. What to do when you Reach Level 90 Miner or Botanist (!?) in Final Fantasy XIV. They sometimes bring back nice glam which I keep. How to unlock and setup Retainers. Google says I can but doesn't actually tell me how. I wish to see if the other classes have different rewards. Beyond level 50, a set of 51-53 gear with some cheap Gathering melds should be good enough to keep your chance to gather at a sufficient amount. And no matter how many retainers in your employ, the included search function will. The Au Ra are a race of humanoids with dragon features, most noticeably curved horns and patterns of scales on their otherwise smooth skin. Upon reaching a certain threshold, players advance by one level. It costs 2 Ventures, takes 1 hour and rewards 1 Item. The Garleans' forebears were once humble farmers who made their home among the sun-drenched fields of southern Ilsabard. That said, any equipment that's part of a gear set will have a white paper looking icon in the lower. PSA: You can have your retainer vendor the item for you : r/ffxiv. Retainers bring back gear? Mine bring back the same shit every day (lemonfish, little flirts, bird of elpis eggs, dynamis crystals, elpis eggs, and one or two other things) with the very rare occasional minion, usually the same lame deer fawn. It’s regifting on a massive scale and the retainers are in on it. There was a reddit thread a year or two ago I think (after the changes) where someone said they got a peregrine helm. The amount of Gathering stat is listed on the venture list. Experience Points, or EXP, are a system that drives the advancement of players in the game. This article is about the tools used by Botanists. Then retainers would be able to glamour GC gear, since they would …. Like many of the jobs introduced after A Realm Reborn, it has no base class, starting at level 60 and can be unlocked by completing the quest "The Makings of a Gunbreaker" offered by a Gods' Quiver Bow in New Gridania (X 11. Since the change, the equipment is no longer destroyed. (Max level for the retainer is the level you have in that class) 3) Equip a main-hand. I thought I'd use a Retainer Fantasia to alter my retainer's appears (FemRoe weren't around yet when I acquired both Retainers). The game update will allow players to put up to two dyes on gear, as well as eyeglasses and headgear at the same time. That will give you 15 of all lvl 90 battle ventures. Changing your retainer’s appearance in Final Fantasy XIV is fairly straightforward. if you're 80 and they're 80,you'd likely just have to buy a second set or have them rock your old lower lvl gear. The official site for Heavensward has been redesigned. There has been an influx of new players in the recent months since Final Fantasy’s latest expansion Shadowbringers has launched. com/gearset/zJD40qCZsSjkaBowMIiMFisher: https://ffxiv. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE”. com/StefanashFFXIVLifestyle Vlog Channel: https://www. The set pieces will also generally share similar naming conventions. Gear durability will not be affected by retainer ventures. If you are a die-hard football fan, then you know that having the right NFL sports gear is essential to showing your support for your favorite team. Here are four reasons why you should consider shopping at this epic store. All actions granted through job quests up to level 80 will be acquired automatically. Each character has an opportunity to obtain a free vial of Fantasia by completing the final quest of A Realm Reborn named "The Ultimate Weapon. Upgrade retainer gear only as needed to unlock the next highest field exploration until LVL 50. Quantity of items gathered increases based on retainer's perception stat. But have realized after they've all reached 70 that choosing multiple different combat jobs may have not been the best idea, come Endwalker I'll probably only be playing 1 Job for a while so. Gunbreaker is the newest tank to FFXIV that was added in Shadowbringers. Not sure if this has been posted yet but Level 80 Retainers in good gear (440ilvl) but know that I seek to end this conflict, not prolong it. With all of this, I am still not getting a notice when I send the retainer out that it is "Properly Geared" (Like my wife's retainers do). The i90 gear can be bartered for with an NPC in Mor Dhona. 38 later allowed estates to be obtained by individuals, Patch 3. last night i boosted my alt to lvl 70 and boosted him to Shadowbringers conent. More specifically, the pants I lost were the "Diabolic Bottoms of Fending", which were melded with two Savage Aim V materias. item level on the non-landsaint MIN retainers is 240. Fishers are the harvesters of the realm's marine and freshwater animal resources. I do tons of quick ventures and receive an onion gear piece about once every 2 years, but of course it’s all RNG. Looking for the best camping gear for the whole family? Our comprehensive Camping World gear list has everything you need to get started! From tents to cookware, we’ve got you covered. An in-game message accompanied her return: "With better gear, your retainer may be able to procure even rarer items. Challenges can be performed on a weekly basis. Unlock these best retainer classes in FFXIV to make farming materials easier. Retainers - The basics explained. Most of the high level gear is available to use for class or job.