Volvo D13 7th Injector Problems

Volvo D13 7th Injector ProblemsThis injector is used in MACK, VOLVO truck engines. VolvoTrucksNorthAmerica Date Group No. com: Fuel Doser 7th Injector Compatible with 2012. The engine features a variable geometry turbocharger, as well. The registration code on injector is set in PCM on build or when an injector is replaced. Have put 250-300 thousand on each truck. Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho. More repair videos in the playlist on the link below:https://www. Shop our large inventory of rebuilt & new Volvo Engine Fuel Injectors at unbeatable prices. Mike Mcmillan, Shop Foreman/Triage Tech. Four D13's, no injectors replaced to date, 330 horsepower. Hi guy's, I have the same problem on my 2015 volvo d13 it has now 1. I'm having problems with my DEF pump / DEF harness. Locating the point of entry can be troublesome and time consuming. DDC-SVC-MAN-0081 DDC-SVC-MAN-0181 DD Platform EuroIV Removal of the DD15 and DD16 Cylinder Head Added step 24 with graphic. I'm not sure if you can help me with 2013 Volvo Semi. if you use bad fuel ore operate truck in cold conditions soot deposits block EPG and turbine/exaust related issues appeare. Now it is going to find the current injector codes. This part is primarily made for a Volvo D12, D12D, D13, D16. That code can be one of 4 things which include the ahi module itself internally faulted , the 7th injector being clogged, the fuel. Common Causes for Fuel Injector Problems. I didn't see regen for about 3,500. A kit has been developed to aid in this process. 7th injector removal Volvo D13 Valeriu Moscalu 62. Listen for a buzz from the vicinity of the fuel tank when the ignition is turned on. coolant in fuel tanks would mean that an injector cup (s) would be passing coolant into the fuel system. Vehicles and components produced after the above date may therefore have different specifications and repair methods. Answered in 6 hours by: No problem. The Volvo D13 delivers the perfect combination of fuel efficiency and power for a wide range of applications, and the reliability you demand. I would check the 7th injector for being plugged. clean a little with tooth brush and soak a cotton ball in carburetor cleaner and hold it to the bottom of the 7th injector to soften the rest of the crap. The DPF systems is completely new, new style conical injectors are in the engine. I have a 09 volvo with a d13, it seems to me by reading the form if the injector bolts stretch the injector will lift and put pressure on the camchaft causing it to wear. Check that there are no issues with the 7th injector, fuel metering block for injector, WGR cooler, the engine's wiring and DPF sensor 5. Mack Volvo 7th Injector 21503936 OEM for sale online. I have a volvo d13 regen problem, turbo a hve aproblem. using coolant in the engine,combustion gas in the coolant system. 2013 Volvo D13 showing codes Discussion in 'Volvo Forum' started by Ljhillukka, Mar 25, 2020. I have a 2013 volvo with a d13 that is hard starting I run…. 5 Remove the air compressor fresh air pipe. This is a Remanufactured, Tamerx Diesel Products Injector Wiring Harness, TamerX part number 22248490 ( OEM Part Number 22248490 ). fuel injection into the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) to regenerate the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). 2006 230 255 1(3) Trucks Fuel System Specifications D13F Fuel System, Specifications W2005843 This information provides specifications for the fuel system on the Volvo D13F engine. volvo d13 engine for sale. I have a weird problem with my 2013 Volvo VNL 670 with D13. I fixed 2015 volvo d13 Regen issue, I replaced AHI module and 7th injector. 2013 volvo D13, cylinder head installation procedure, head. I have 1 bad fuel injector, #2 and it is putting fuel in the oil. Gently unscrew the 2 bolts (8 mm) fixing the 7th Injector on the pipe. Fuel injector of the cylinder 4 - determination of the correction at the minimum limit. volvo-d13-injector-torque-specs 1/2 Downloaded from coe. D12 Volvo Engine Problems With Solutions. I've been having problems pulling hills. This part is primarily made for a Volvo D13, production years 2017-2022, and comes with a One Million Miles or One Year Warranty. Remanufactured, Genuine OEM, There is a refundable core charge. It's only been sitting for about 3 weeks and ran fine when I parked it in the garage. *Side note* I broke one of the two mounting bolts when removing the injector. The D13 offers 375 to 500 horsepower and 1,450 to 1,850 torque at 1,000 RPM, enough to meet every trucking demand. My old Volvo grader had await for itVolvo motor in it and it was so fucking smooth, and quiet, they did a great job on the whole operator experience, the engine would run WOT all day and still be quiet in the cab. The eecu needs to be told that it has new parts so it needs to relearn how much fuel it needs to inject in the exhaust to maintain the proper amount of temp. It started about 2 months ago but the fault would become "inactive" after truck ran for about. I have 2 truck with same issues both are 2019 vnl D13 with 260,000 miles and soot Level goes up within seconds from 20 to 80 and to 160 red and Immediately losing power barely climes up hill 14mph any idea what can be wrong I changed fuel pressure sensor/ EGR vale/ DPF filter did it all still can’t figure out. after a region drives for 2000 …. Have code P269800: Exhaust Aftertreatment Fuel Injector. No cores will be accepted after 30 days from sale date. Removing injector cups on Volvo D13More repair videos in the playlist on the link below:https://www. Stand Alone ECU - 2011 Volvo D13; When you connect the ECU and read raw data this is the communication that you see. Volvo d13 rocker arm torque specs Volvo D13, 2018 volvo. 2012 Volvo VNL64T670; Model D13 2. 2015 Volvo D13 engine injectors problem. After resetting the codes it was followed by all the Injectors (1 through 6) showing component failure and multiple check ECU maintenence required lights. Injectors failed and needed replacement (with cups, all 6) at 170,000miles. Unburned fuel will come out in the exhaust stroke and will probably end up clogging the DPF filters. It is so common that the cups were changed from a bronze cup to a stainless steel one then to a brass one. 0 out of 5 stars Worth the money. checked injector compensation and noticed that #4 has been in …. 0:00 / 10:54 HOW TO FIX VOLVO D13 ENGINE PROBLEMS || Engine Low Power & Injector Problems Biggy Feri 20. Using coolant in the engine,combustion gas in the coolant. give me hard time, replaced doser valve, nox sensor, 7th injector, egr diff sensor and - Answered by a verified Technician. EGR system - The reason behind why you put exhaust gases back into your engine. It was introduced in Euro 3 trucks beginning in 2005, and in North American trucks beginning in 2007. check egr cooler,ok ,replace head gasket,head ok ,liner protrusion ok,pressure … read more. PANGOLIN 21244717 BEBE4F07001 85003109 Fuel Injector …. fit perfect no problem yet and way cheaper than dealer dealer. The other way an injector will leak, is if the injector body or nozzle cracks. Only suply and CAN communication. Newto Trucking, Apr 1, otherwise you're replacing expensive parts without knowing if it's definitely the problem. Most conventional injectors have about 16 ohms of resistance and pull about 0. Volvo D 13 how to clean new style 7th injector. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. we have couple of trucks on our fleet with the same problem. This item: Injector Cup Installer Tool for Volvo D11 D13 D16 FM12 & Mack MP7 MP8 MP10 Engine Injector Nozzle Cup Sleeve Tube Remover and Installer Set Replces 88800387 9986174 88800196. I don't know if all Volvos are done this way, though. Get connected to the machine, you will not need external power. on the right side that allows more air/oxygen to get into exhaust and burn the diesel injected by 7th injector during regen and reach higher temperature to burn the DPF soot ; When was bad, i had white smoke during regen, the particles of diesel not properly burned due to lack of air/Oxygen. This item: Dorman 904-7915 Fuel Doser 7th Injector for Select Mack/Volvo Models. It is on the rh side of the engine, in the exhaust pipe, just behind the turbo. Codes sad that 6th injector is short circuit My truck drives only 300 thousand miles Wright now at the dealership bay ( they are opening the valve lid an trying to check that injector! Total dissappointment. Common problems with the d13's are purge air and 7th injector, injector can be checked easy. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. after they did everything this the truck was still smoking and they found out the head gasket is bad and they replace it also!after this the truck was working good but an engine fault for camshaft sensor came up sayng …. You may have a fissure crack in one of the injector cups. 9Mb: Download: Volvo D13F Engine Workshop Manual [PDF] and repairing can get an idea of the cause and nature of an unforeseen breakdown and try to …. It uses magnetic induction to generate a pulsed electrical signal. The level sensor may be faulty. ran into a common problem and fixed it. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Volvo D13 VNL Truck 21407621 7th Injector OEM at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Skip to main content. Replace the wire harness if the issue is persistent If the issue isn't fixed now, drive down to the nearest mechanic. When I tested the harness connector for the 7th injector I was only getting 3. heavy duty commercial tran 10 satisfied customers. com/watch?v=UpJOUJyvrWg Volvo D13 fuel rail pressure sensor r. The learned data and 7th injector adaptive factor needs reset as well on the it. Def Doser Troubleshooting / How it works? Volvo D13. High-Quality Reman Diesel Item for Volvo D13. Shop our inventory of rebuilt & new Volvo D13 Engine Fuel Injectors at unbeatable prices. Steam coming out of the hood is one of the most recognizable signs of engine overheating. P269900; Exhaust Aftertreatment Fuel. Hi, I'm having to change all injector on my 2008 volvo D13. 22303390 Inlet Nox Sensor for Ma-ck MP8/Vol-vo Truck D11 D13 D16 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor 21479638 21567764. 7th injector checked for any cable issues and couldn't find any The most difficult to diagnose problem i had with D13, without throwing codes as you describe was egr valve stuck partially open, it's recommended to run the motor few min after stopping the truck allowing the egr to cool down. Hello i have a 2011 Volvo vnl 670 with a d13 i have done a engine overhaul and changed out new 7th injector, Doser, 2009 volvo D13 engine. its is a simple part to change,(7th injector part 21407621) 14mm wrench and 8mm socket, easiest way to change them is when the engine is hot because it helps with removing the M6 bolts, a diffuser pipe is around $100 US. (10-24-2014, 01:59 AM)gka3 Wrote: Hi. Low oil pressure on a dd15 had the o rings replaced on the pick up tube bout 3 weeks ago but now I have the same problem. More than likely, the control valve is stuck closed. Symptoms of Failing Injector Sleeves on a Volvo D13 Engine. The impressive thing about the d11 is how it Carrys the max torque from around 1400rpm all the way untill around 2100. Volvo D13 Fuel Injectors OEM RemanufacturedAll of Internet Diesel Injector sets are sold with six injectors at a price of $349. The D13TC (turbo compound) will be offered as an optional engine for 2017 model-year rigs, and the company claims fuel efficiency increases of up to 6. Have you had any problems with your injectors on that D13? Replied on Thu, Jan. I changed injector cup and injector of the …. Relocate the tube away from the manifold. Im working on a 2016 Volvo with a D13 engine, I'm getting. Information for problem problem is occurring FLASH SPN FMI PID/SID ID CODE FAULT DESCRIPTION 657 10 SID 7 1253 Injector Cylinder #7 Needle Control Valve Abnormal Rate of Change 657 6 SID 7 1253 Injector Cylinder #7 Needle. available for your Volvo D11, D12, D13, D16, and DEF Injector Kit, Doser 7th Injector Mack MP7/MP8 Engines application Volvo D11/D13 Engines application M12 x 1. Hello i have a 2011 Volvo vnl 670 with a d13 i have done a engine overhaul and changed out new 7th injector, Doser, Diesel going to oil around 4 gal in hr. S erv ic e B ulletin A me ri c a Greensboro, NC USA Tr u c k s Date Group No. just lift it a little and you will see all the crap on the bottom. Fuel Transfer PUMP | Volvo D11 / D13 Engine | 20997341. Fuel filtration is another issue. here is Part 2 of Shawn after removing the old injectors and now he is showing us installing the new ones. Volvos solution is to remove injector harness out of head clean the passthru plug real good and use a two part apoxy and fill the area of the passthru making sure to get the apoxy around all the wires. Volvo d13 overheating Discussion in 'Volvo Forum' started by Mdavid0614, May 20, 2021. I have this ongoing boost problem on my 09 volvo with d13. so far 8, that's right 8 cummins engines, Come in with broken exhaust manifold bolts, Time they fix that, the turbo is bad also. it had injectores problem ended with fuel on the oil i had to drive it 300 miles to the shop. Midnightrider909 Road Train Member. Volvo D13 has active codes 655 fmi 3 and 656 fmi 5truck has new injectors, cups and harness. The injectors on the Volvo D13 and D16 use wiring with 2 common feeds, having one for the front Bank of 1-3, and a second for the rear bank 4-6. The Volvo D13 is equipped with seven individual fuel injectors which control the rate of fuel injection and engine timing, among other functions. Driing rogress FACT SHEET The D13K500, TURBO-TC is a 500 hp, 12. This will leave a white or greenish residue under the cup or on the injector. Volvo D13 injector cups fail again ! Discussion in 'Volvo Forum' started by Johny41, Jul 12, 2014. 200 miles down the road the issue came back and we ended up at a Volvo dealer. Cracked or contaminated aftertreatment diesel oxidation catalyst. VOLVO D13 ENGINE EPA2010 – DOUBLE IDLER GEAR REPAIR B13R (9700 us/can) DESCRIPTION Disconnect fuel line from aftertreatment injector. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}. Check For Leaking Fuel Injector. 2011 Volvo 780 D13 Stalling randomly. Reviewed in the United States …. After we change injector 7th code was still there the problem in purge valve buddy Was bad purge valve after we changed truck do the regen and is all good but u …. Air can enter the fuel system at several points such as the: Suction side fuel supply lines. Checked the turbo bearings and oil leak and propellers - all …. Follow up on previous question2016 Volvo d13Getting 5357 fmi 17Tech’s Notes:Check and print faults, Unit has logged faults: P103C00: NOx Catalyst Efficiency Inducement, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Unit, No additional information Inactive 0 P026C00: Fuel Injection Quantity Lower Than Expected, No additional information Inactive 84 P20EE00: SCR NOx Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold. How do you diagnose the issue 1) bad 7th injector, 2) bad doser module or - Answered by a verified Technician. After replacing the engine ECU works well on all cylinders. Just bought 05 Volvo 630 with VED D12 465HP engine, 10 speed auto-shift, 630k miles. All Cores Sold As-Is 1-877-781-7766 Email Seller Text Seller More Details Garabedian Equip. 2013 volvo d13 throwing up random fault codes. The warning signs of volvo d13 injector cup failure are crucial to know so that you can prevent engine damage. radioactive waste management in hospital mobile number tracker mod apk. Another common cause of Volvo D13 Turbo failures is a build-up of soot in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Access the entire collection of manuals and handbooks for your engines and products through Volvo Penta Connect. Volvo: 85115784 / 21516229 Cummins: 5303604 / 2888182 AHI Dosing Gasket Kit / 7th Injector Gasket Kit For Volvo D13 & Cummins ISX engines that fits semi trucks: Volvo VNL, Freightliner Cascadia, Kenworth T680, Peterbilt 389, Peterbilt 579 and more. only injector problems was the D13 in 2008 model year, from what I read. This means that the DPF is unable to perform a 100% regen when required. Mechanic's Assistant Replaced 7th Injector, repaired 2 exhaust leaks, cleaned venturi pipe, replaced turbo actuator, replaced all fuel injectors. How do you diagnose the issue 1) bad 7th injector, 2) bad doser module or Cummins ISX 15 Still having problems with Volvo. This part is primarily made for a Volvo D13, production years 2008 - 2016, and comes with …. Genuine Volvo Truck Fuel Injector D13 85020428 OEM. Not the typical derate where the truck counts down to a 5 mph crawl, but just an apparent loss of power (probably about 40-50%. While it is a decent amount, it is better than the Volvo D13. Need advice on a 2007 D13 sputtering on uphill pulls. - High power and torque already at low engine speed. Motiv8 Fuel Doser 7th Injector Compatible with Volvo Truck D11 D13 …. It's the fuel side of the injectors that's the big problem 35,000 psi injector pressure and only 5um filtration doesn't help. D13 volvo fuel leak Discussion in 'Volvo Forum' started by Metalicious, Feb 24, 2023. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 2013 volvo D13, cylinder head installation procedure, head bolts torque spec. 2004 214 019 1(11) TSI This TSI Service Bulletin replaces TSI Service Bulletin 214–013, “Valves, D12C” (11. If I release the pedal, after about 3 seconds the engine starts idling roughly again and the g/h jumps back up to 0. On the Volvo Truck D13 Engine, a "Engine Low Power" problem occurs, and the diagnostic menu contains an error code explaining a problem with injectors 1, 2 …. Just after the turbo there should be a fuel line that goes into the exhaust diffuser pipe. And, is usually where the injector, meets the fuel rail. D13 timing cover OlegMel posted Oct 15, …. Engine Make: Volvo Engine Type: D13 Year: 2008-2010 Additional Details. 4094 is poor NOx performance due to low DEF quality. Volvo D13 2008/ still original motor 1,320,000 miles , I had a long cranking, knew the injectors are gone; this time I drove it to shop; 3 injectors cups gone again, (see photos the carbon deposit leaking from combustion), Note: if a hold down is the problem , that's NOT a injector cup. Make sure the torque is right on the money for the initial and on the torque turn. There are instances when Volvo D13 bad injector symptoms may show up, which can be concerning for any driver. Info: Set of Six Injectors and Six Cups Part Number: 85144092RK OEM Number: 85144092, 85144093 This Product Contains A Core. It turned out that the system was pushing coolant out of the blow-off/overflow on top of. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a critical component of the Volvo D13 engine's aftertreatment system. Page 2 of 2 For 2013 model year d13 got updated 7th injector, with fuel line only going to it. There are 2 coolant lines running to it, and one fuel line. Check for the complete fault code history with the proper diagnostic software connected. Mechanic's Assistant: I have a 2009 Volvo with a d13, The problem I'm …. Install the new 7th Injector and the new gasket in reverse order. Get the best deals on Delphi Car & Truck Fuel Injectors for Volvo when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. 0 out of 5 stars This tool make job very easy. 0:00 / 9:34 How to clean 7th injector (DPF problem fix) 8526 Productions 2. The AHI module is susceptible to debris and oil from the upstream systems. Normally, pressure is maintained in the fuel system after engine shutdown. Tamerx EGR Valve has application for: Volvo D13, 2019-2023, OEM 23917401. SKU: 21244717 Categories: Diesel Injectors, Shop, Volvo Injectors. Situation: I have a 2011 Volvo with a D13 in the shop. 2018 Volvo d13 Low exhaust tempt not letting start the regen. There have been calibration revisions over time to curve. Pawel-pl Wrong injector for you volvo, and truck running? How is that even possible? Nasriza? Benek, Aug 23, 2018. I would check the doser wiring around the dpf and make sure there are no rubs, Make sure the def doser wiring is not rubbing on the heat shield. A few such causes include; ECU Issues; Clogged Injector Spray Tips; Causes of Volvo D13 …. First I have a few questions and then I will put what needs to be done and that should lead you in the right direction. ryan7892, Mar 7, 2015 #2 + Quote Reply GeorgeStoenchev Thanks this. But the truck was still running. I have a volvo d13 regen problem, turbo a hve aproblem. Volvo D13 7th Injector Problems have become a concern for many trucking companies and owners. When go over the hill and release the pedal is even worst, but when there are no hills run normally. #Volvo Trucks Basic Engine and Drivetrain #TOT Training of Trainers program for #ZAMITA trainers. Volvo D13 Engine Fuel Injector - Rebuilt | P/N 85144518. New injectors comes with stainless steel cups vs copper original. I've verified that fuel is traveling. Important Note: Included with this injector is Volvo injector cup and o-ring kit 21515329. Remove the air line with the vehicle fully aired up and make sure it is clean dry air inside the line. volvo replaced the 7th injector but did. 0:00 / 1:23 7th injector how it works / Volvo D13 Valeriu Moscalu 71. /Rotor/Injector) Cause Additional diagnostic information for vehicles equipped with a common rail fuel system engine logging P009B-13. Air in The Fuel System, Check. The removed oil will be used to fill the engine when the repair is complete. What are the common problems on DD engines? If I buy this truck I expect best case scenario to do a valve job/head gasket, replace all 6 injectors + injector harnesses, fuel quantity valve and whatever else I might find. Change step 32 from "remove" to "install". Exhaust Aftertreatment Fuel; Supply Control Circuit High. Got 2012 Volvo with d13 engine and new code pop up. never had this problem , i like the motor and But the injector cups sux,o did the job 3 times, and looks like I'll have to do it again, I'm getting. Prevost began to offer the D13 engine in their coaches in 2008. In every Volvo shop i've been over past 8 years , (from California to Texas to Canada ) i've seen trucks with D13, top open and technicians fixing this stupid designed injectors. Went out to start it today and it ran then stuttered then just died. Code DTC P24F600Volvo wanted a total almost $4400 for labor and parts. To all viewers and subscribers thank you so much to continuing support my channel #Danilotroubleshooter God bless you all🙏🤗@Danilo trouble shooter. My mechanic takes care of of 75 trucks 2006, 2007 model years, about 25 have the D12 Volvo engine the rest are cummins. There is a 1/4 black air line going to it. NEW GENUINE OEM Mack MP8/ Volvo D13 Aftertreatment 7th Injector 21407772 Doser. Financing Mack MP8 Volvo D13 Injector Sleeve Kit 21515329 85124741 85137065 *Please verify your OEM number(s) before purchasing. Volvo 780: volvo d13 volvo engine 2010 needed regen and make…. 9K views 2 years ago more more Show chat replay It’s cable reimagined …. Just remove the air filter box and the two 8M bolts holding the injector. Motiv8 Fuel Doser 7th Injector Compatible with Volvo Truck D11 D13 D16 and Mack Truck 2012-2017 MP7 and MP8 | Replace for 21407621, 22009269 & 904-7915. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mack Volvo 7th Injector 21503936 OEM at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Skip to main content. item 2 Brand new Genuine OEM Volvo Mack D13 MP8 85144518 unit injector kit Brand new Genuine OEM Volvo Mack D13 MP8 85144518 …. Many reasons can cause the fuel injectors of the Volvo D13 engine to fall defective. This is a NEW, Tamerx Diesel Products Crankcase Breather, TamerX part number 9037791 ( OEM Part Number 22877306 ). of owner ops ok so on a Volvo d13 if theirs a mechanic fault on any or multiple. Remove the fuel line, then remove the 2 8mm bolts that hold on the 7th injector itself. 7th Injector; AHI Module; Air Compressor any troubleshooting steps that may need to be taken and other areas or systems that can be checked to rule out external problems contributing to your part's issue. No lights or codes, just the rough idle. Benek, Aug 23, 2018 #10 + Quote Reply. sure can, get a rebuild kit and be careful not to twist the bolts off that hold the injector on and use a tooth brush and carb cleaner not brake cleaner to scrub the bottom of it. D13 Common Rail Problem Discussion in ' Volvo Forum ' started by sully91, Sep 27, 2020. Okay, That fault is for After treatment fuel shut off valve data valid but above normal operating range. HOW TO FIX VOLVO D13 ENGINE PROBLEMS || Engine Low Power & Injector ProblemsHOW TO FIX VOLVO D13 ENGINE PROBLEMS || Engine Low Power & Injector ProblemsAssal. regeneration cycles to remove excess carbon build up from the diesel particulate filter. make sure your filters are cleaned every 150k to 200k make sure 7th …. changed bellow pipe,AH modulator and Doser valve (7th injector) problem solved !!!. So the solenoid I’m questioning has 4 posts, one power stud from the main power post the …. As for reliability ranks as good or better than the series 60. GeorgeStoenchev, Oct 28, 2014 #13 + Quote Reply. Volvo Trucks North America D Date Group No. Volvo d13 injector cup problems by ty27. If there is just one line then there is a fuel dosing module on the left rear of the engine that is a common problem. Depending on the vehicle configuration, a problem may be caused, or influenced, by malfunctions in other vehicle. This is located at the bottom rear drivers side corner of the block. On screen 2014 volvo d13 i shift. Replaced the exhaust backpressure sensor located on the DPF. Check Engine was kept popping up more frequently P24F700 and looked it up online it was for AHI module, also kept an eye on AHI and was hearing some air leak. The module is located under the air compressor on the drivers rear side of the block. The temp spiking would not be caused by a. The def doser in these should be about 10-12 ohms of resistance. Symptoms of bad fuel injectors include hard starting, rough idling, sudden power loss, decreased fuel economy, leaks, and strong fuel odor. Q&A: Understanding SPN 5357 FMI 17 on 2016 Volvo D13. Problem:Engine wiring harness oil leakage Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by Kite, Feb 13, 2015. #volvotrucks #valveandinjectoradjustment #valveadjustment #veb #howto @danilotroubleshooter73. Greensboro, NC USA Date Group No. Volvo D13 Injector #21244717 - $250+ $150 Core Deposit quantity. This is a Remanufactured, Tamerx Diesel Products Fuel Pressure Relief Control Valve, TamerX part number 22720232TX ( OEM Part Number 22720232 ). Part Number: 4034114RM-2 OEM Number: 85013731 This Product Contains A Core. Have derate with codes 5394 fmi 17, 5394 fmi 5, 5246 fmi 0, 4094 fmi 18. It senses the passage of seven (7) timing bumps on the edge of the camshaft dampener. - Built on Volvo Group technology. 2015 Volvo D13: AHI Module and Pressure Regulator Replacement. 2000 miles runs for 20 min, and shoot level resets if all works ok,; If i need a parked or forced i know something is wrong , this two modes are kind emergency features to keep you going, i doubt AHI is there for this reasons only. 7) Remove the oil pan drain plug and drain the oil into a clean, suitable container. When the ECM monitor the fuel injectors learning values are beyond normal operating parameters, it activates P02D1. Valeriu How to clean 7th injector (DPF problem fix). VOLVO 2012-2017 D11, D13, D16 Interchanges: Dorman 904-7915 OEM Part Numbers: 21407621 22009269. Fuel system problems can be caused by a variety of issues such as clogged filters, fuel pump failures, or issues with the fuel injectors. Im working on a 2016 Volvo with a D13 engine, I'm getting the code P24F600, I just replaced the DEF dozer, reset codes - Answered by a verified Technician The 7th injector is supplied via the AHI module. 2010 Volvo d13 regeneration temp not rising. The added displacement came from a longer stroke. DEF doser is also called def injector by some. Regen is just running long time and never finishing. I think is a injector but this one don't tell me which ones - Answered by a verified Technician. Had all six injectors and harness replaced. Now they will blame the clients not cleaning injectors in time for their faulty injector cups design. com: Motiv8 Fuel Doser 7th Injector Compatible with Volvo Truck D11 D13 D16 and Mack Truck 2012-2017 MP7 and MP8 Right product, no problem with installing, seller care about customer,fast shipping Thanks guys. D13 timing cover OlegMel posted Oct 15, 2023 at 1:43 AM. but when the engine is shutoff. I need to procedure to replace fuel injector and injector cup on 2013 Volvo VNL D13 Vin number 133375, I also need the procedure to do a …. Here are the most common symptoms of failing injector sleeves on a Volvo D13 engine: 1. Thanks Given: 1287 Thanks Received: 3078 (1319 Posts) (03-05-2019, 06:21 AM) Mechanic2030 Wrote: new updates the whole problem was injector cup on cylinder number one. I'm having an issue where it's not doing the parked regen. Thank you very much!! Loosen the adjustment , then hand tight plus 240° lock it there. My Volvo D13 recently started idling kinda rough. i have a problem the driver said it has been about 5 months that the truck has been having problems to start after sitting for more then 5 hours. 2011-12 Volvo 670 problems ? Discussion in 'Volvo Forum' started by Rodd, Jan 21, 2015. • VEHICLE FITMENT - Volvo & Mack Trucks D11 D13 D16 MP7 MP8 2012-2017. In Volvo and Mack engines with SCR technology, the AFI (After treatment Fuel Injector) reset is . Volvo has had the injector cup problem in the D12 and their other engines before the D11,13,16 and MP7,8. Hello Mike, I can’t find anywhere my Volvo VNL 2014 D13 fault code SPN-520330 FMI 0 Recently I changed: - DPF filter (new aftermarket) - 7th injector (new oem) - AHI Module (new oem)Now about 1500miles and asking for regen again it is close to number 3 on the soot level gauge No other codes only one. Today Shawn breaks down how to take injectors out of a 2014 Volvo D13. After connecting on the table faulty ECU. URGENT: Volvo vnl 2016 D13 Lmc5702 posted Sep 8, 2023. Volvo D13 Starting Problems: Troubleshooting Crank and. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This happens when loaded heavy and going uphill. We have several viable options to help your engine work flawlessly. MOTIV8 Engineering Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid | Intake | Volkswagen EOS Jetta Passat Touareg EuroVan | Audi A3 Q7 TT | Replaces. Engine Make: Volvo Engine Type: D11, D13 Year: 2008-2018 Additional Details. Used Volvo D13 Injector Engines & Engine Parts / Injectors. clean the surfaces and install the new 7th injector. Hey Truckers! We had a Volvo D13 come into the shop for a bad cam shaft and wanted to discuss the engine a little more in depth. By paying close attention to these signs and performing proper fixes to these, you can prevent the problem from getting worse and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. KB3MMX, Rob100100 and QUALITYTRUCK Thank this. injector volvo d13 and also can I Send a…">How to calibrate injector volvo d13 and also can I Send a…. Volvo 575976 N 936453 DTC P0201 FMI 13 to P0206 FMI 13 (Injectors 1 through 6 Open Circuit) Title ** Tech Tip ** TT - 019 - 2015 OBD2015 HDE 11 ( Model Year 2016 Truck ) Injector Fault Codes P0201 To P0206 FMI 13 ** SOLUTION ** Solution K27240982 Thursday, August 29, 2019 9:13:11 PM CEST. This part is primarily made for a Volvo D11. CAD, Volvo dealer mechanical reports why they change the injectors. These problems can cause poor engine performance, including rough idling, reduced power, and decreased fuel efficiency. On flat road it takes really long time to change it from 9th to 10th gear. It is a flow issue and the adaptive adjustment is over the normal amount to try to get cylinder balance at target. You will need to make sure first that the engine is not producing too much soot. CORE Volvo D13 Fuel Injector, Part # 22027808, Replaces 21458369. Find up-to-date industrial and marine engine manuals and other product related material for your Volvo Penta engine. Service Bulletin America Greensboro, NC USA Trucks Date Group No. The typical regen issues with the aftertreatment from temp sensors to NOX. Engine loosing power, shaking at idle D13. com Do to Correct The Problem? If during the Limited Warranty Period any Product fails to function as designed (not as a …. 5 percent, as well as power ratings that top. I have same truck 780 D13 model 2008 , over 1 mil miles. Motiv8 fuel doser 7th injector has the following features:. This document is useful for technicians who need to perform this repair on Detroit diesel engines. SPN 5443 FMI 7 IN MY DASH BOARD VOLVO …. Very hard to begin tracking without Volvo diagnostic program to put you on right track. To do this, you need to follow these guidelines to ensure that your writing is seo-friendly, easy to understand, and human-like. You have two options when it comes to cleaning your doser valve. where to change your Volvo truck d13 engi. Item Description: Engine Injector and Sleeve, Replacement (Conical), VN, VHD, VAH, D16, D11, D13 SB237-60 View File. Shop by item 5 7th Injector for Mack Volvo MP7 MP8 D11 D13 D16 Replaces: 21407621 22009269 7th Injector for Mack Volvo MP7 MP8 D11 D13 D16 …. Engine Power Shortage, Turbo Problems etc. I drive a 2012 Volvo D13 and have had great luck with it. Designed to deliver exceptional power and torque, this six-cylinder diesel engine is a popular choice in heavy-duty commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses. Soot plugging the front face of the aftertreatment diesel oxidation catalyst. 2018 Volvo d13 injector adjustment : r/DieselTechs. So the DPF cannot be the cause. The 3471 is the fuel pressure control actuator for the doser valve on the regen system. All D13 and newer D16 (E&G) engines have self learning function for the injectors!!! Trim code is "just a basic value". By John Smith May 23, 2023 The symptoms of a bad injector in a volvo d13 include misfires, loss of power, and increased fuel consumption. I drive a 2008 Volvo with a D13 engine. Volvo D13 valvetrain also showing the common rail fuel system that’s been on this engine since 2017. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. Scan The Problems Out Of Your Aftertreatment​. It used to run ok in warmer weather , now i see my EGT temp wont reach 600 degrees. It also includes the parts list, torque specifications, and warranty information. Added note to steps 2 and 4 regarding possible damage to fuel. Hello, My name is***** am a Volvo and Mack Master tech, allow me to help you with your issue. Mechanic2030 Location Offline Senior Member Reputation: 156. Volvo D13 Regen: Why Does My Truck Regen So Often?. 6d, few days ago on the highway I got a " DSTC Temporarily turned off " and Check engine light and my car went into limp mode. Nox Sensor 22303391 Nitrogen Oxides Sensor Compatible with Mack Volvo D11 D13 D16 Mack MP8 Trucks (Outlet) $24958. I replaced dpf sending unit, and injector 2 inactive code came and balance - Answered by a verified Technician volvo replaced the 7th injector but did Cummins ISX 15 Still having problems with Volvo. There were plenty of injector issues throughout 2008-2012 for each manufacturer. So I got a 6th injector mechanical fault code on a Volvo D13. Could not get it to start after that, felt/sounded like a fuel issue. Troubleshooting Code PPID328FMI14 on 2009 Mac Model CXU613. Volvo D13 and VNL Problems, Easy Fixes. Push down new injector,plug in 2 wire connector. The AHI module’s purpose is to dose and control the amount of fuel used by the 7th injector during the DPF regeneration. Customer has a 2009 Volvo truck with the D13 engine. I have a volvo d13 and regen light is blinking and regen…. Volvo D13 Fuel Injectors OEM REMAN - 21244717 All of Internet Diesel Injector sets are sold with six injectors at a price of $349. Select engine type, which is ‘Volvo’ Tier 4 Final. problem and fule milage is good as well was told 6 injectors are bad with a bad fuel housing as well could this be the problem really and just did the injectors about …. Volvo D13 fuel pump replacement. Since then the fuel economy has gone to …. A bad injector in a volvo d13 can cause numerous problems, from poor performance to engine failure. I was waiting to see them get the injector problem fixed on the D13. WARNING!!: ⚠️⚠️⚠️Always use the proper tools and safety equipment to perform this job. Around $100, but a pain to get too. The truck had a problem, injector cups were replaced and injector #4 was changed as well. com/23zu5nzbFailing injectors in your Volvo D13 can result in failed injector cups, diesel fuel in the oil an. AHI If you encounter issues with the AHI module on your Volvo D13 truck, DTC P24F700 is a common problem that you may encounter. (08-02-2015, 10:39 PM)Bluenarf Wrote: Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can confirm or deny my diagnosis. How To Check For Leaking Fuel Injector. Moreover, uncontrolled engine misfires can be another indicator of. Ran truck for hours performed a regen, all seemed okay but after 300 km the tank filled up again and this time a code …. This part is primarily made for a Volvo D13, production years 2019-2023, and comes with a One Million Miles or One Year Warranty. Fuel injector cylinder 4 - determination of the correction at the maximum limit. The D-16 started out as a 625hp engine in the Cowboy truck. Showing code SA 16 DTC P026C00. We had a Volvo highway tractor with a D13 engine in. I'd use VCADs to check fuel rate at idle and injector ballance. One of the visible signs of injector cup damage is coolant leaking around the cup area. On the 7th injector Just 2 bolts and the line to remove. It uses industry-leading materials and production processes to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. One of the most common problems with the Volvo D13 engine is fuel-related issues. This is not that fast compared to the newer J1939 250k speed. 7th injector how it works / Volvo D13 - YouTube. A friend of mine replaced the 1st injector in D12 motor after 12 years and 1,8 mil miles; Why in D13 are a mess?! D13 is great engine, from my personal experience maybe the best motor on the market in fuel efficiency; But. If the injector sleeves are not sealing properly, fuel can leak into the combustion chamber, which can lead to increased fuel. Guess which one was stuck, injector sleeve work on a 13litre diesel. Diagnostics at a dealer should take less than 2 hours. Also need to make sure that the air is oil free and no water present. Had the same problem the coolant was going into the fuel tanks. Engine oil or fuel contamination of the aftertreatment diesel oxidation catalyst. The faults you have indicates an issue with the air purge system for the 7th injector. Consequently, you get the desired engine performance where you get to enjoy high power output. Volvo D13 Injector Torque Specs. (07-21-2016, 04:28 PM) quality truck Wrote: The dreaded "Volvo injector cup" issue. Copper sleeve to injector seat. Perspective 2021 VNL64T860 purchase …. 2 System 0444043087 Motiv8 Fuel Doser 7th Injector Compatible with Volvo Truck D11 D13 D16 and Mack Truck 2012-2017 MP7 and MP8 | Replace for 21407621, 22009269 & 904 …. Valve and Injector Adjustment with VEB D12, D12A, D12B, D12C Valve and Injector Adjustment with VEB W2004459. The ECM is a microprocessor based controller programmed to perform fuel injection quantity and timing control, diagnostic fault logging, and to broadcast data to other ECUs. I have a 2014 volvo semi truck with a D13 engine and I'm having a probelm with the DEF system will start a regen but temps will not go over 240 F no codes in the system checked the 7th injector and cl … read more. 22 (131 x 158) (in/mm) So it looks like the bore is the same. There are 3 primary failure modes of the AHI Module (Dosing Block): Contaminated Air Supply Contaminated Fuel Supply Electrical Circuit Fault Any AHI Module failure from air or fuel is primarily due to system contamination. Tamerx Engine Control Module has application for: Volvo D11, D13, 2008-2015, OEM 85020757. Truck is 2009 Volvo D13 with 650k miles. Last week a hard start was cured by replacing the devco filter (it was sucking air there) and priming it like mad. I need to press harder on the gas or sometimes release and step on gas again for boost to go up normally. Mine does not have the separate pump for after treatment, but I found the problem. Install a new sealing o-ring and re install harness. Volvo D13 fuel pressure relief valve replacement video on the link below:https://www. The Volvo D13 is an inline, 13-litre diesel engine. tool is removed if the engine is to be. Help a bit, but still my truck is sputtering up hills and losing power. Follow up on previous question2016 Volvo d13Getting 5357 fmi 17Tech’s Notes:Check and print faults, Unit has logged faults: P103C00: NOx Catalyst Efficiency Inducement, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Unit, No additional information Inactive 0 P026C00: Fuel Injection Quantity Lower Than Expected, No additional information Inactive 84 …. Truck was in Volvo shop last week see attachment. This part is primarily made for a Volvo D11, D13, production years 2008-2015, and comes with a One Million Miles or One Year Warranty. Yet, as for the minimum pound-foot of torque, it is a minimum of 1,250. Nov 1, 2016 0 VolvoTerry said: ↑ I feel for you. Volvo Penta D13 IMO III is an in-line 6-cylinder, 12. On Vehicle Tested -Vehicle tested to ensure premium quality, performance, and fitment. Before ordering, run the clear line from the filter base to the back of the head (fitting on the left side of the head. The other long term problem is shop cleanliness during the replacement procedure. VOLVO D13 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. Moteur Volvo D13 EPA2007 ou EPA2010 Maisons motorisées H3-45 VIP Année modèle: 2011 Avec transmission Allison dans l’intervalle:. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sep 27, 2020 #1 sully91 Bobtail Member 49 13 Oct 21, 2019 0 Good day all! I am having low power issues under loads (going up on even the smallest hills) the truck runs well on flat roads (75mph with no issues). eBay; eBay Motors; Set Of Six 85143382 Volvo Unit Injectors Kit Fits For Volvo/Mack D13. This one is the 7th injector, which is in a box mounted on the pipe after the turbocharger. If I repeat to fire it up will do it with no issue. Volvo D13 7th Injector Problems: A Comprehensive Guide">Solving Volvo D13 7th Injector Problems: A Comprehensive Guide. Follow the line from the 7th injector around the back of the block to the drivers side just above the oil pan.